Sunday, 28 January 2018

How you can get cake delivered in Kolkata!

How people here select best cakes for their kids Birthday!


Kolkata is a place which is famous for football before cricket in INDIA, a place where Cricket lover loves Sourabh before Sachin, a place where traveling or driving on local street roads is not that easy. People living in Kolkata do a party in their own way, especially for their kids birthday they do order cake online. For Kids, they know which cake to buy, whom to prefer for cake delivery in Kolkata, even they select they best cakes for kids birthday out of available ones. You can buy a cake that your kids love to have o his birthday, simply select a cake from available cakes as there are wide varieties of cakes available.

With cake delivery you can prefer flowers delivery too!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Indulge in the exotic taste of valentine day cakes

Ways to celebrate valentine day

The way of celebrating valentine day has improved or you can say it is celebrated now in more better, this could be because now everyone knows about this day and they are continuously making new and interesting ways to celebrate this day. If someone is in true love or want to express their love, they can use this day in such a way that it will become memorable for you as well as for your partner. Many want that the gift which they are giving should be customized and some wants to gift them the pemaide things may be because they don’t have enough time to make.

This day is very busy day for all the restaurants and gift shops as they are full of customers, people book their dates on this day to have a dinner date with their loved ones, family and friends. Somehow it is important to go out and spend some quality time with each other after all gifts and surprise will only make you happy for some time but you will always remember the time you spend with each other.

Order online cake delivery in Hyderabad

There are many customized gifts are available online for you or you can customized them according to your choice. There are customized valentine day cakes are also available to make your cake more special, these cakes are photo cakes, designer Valentine ’s Day cakes and heart shaped cakes. Every cake is delicious and made with quality ingredients so that you will enjoy the taste of it. Indulge in the exotic taste of this mouthwatering cake that will just fill your day with the aptiting taste of these cakes.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Online delivery of cakes and flowers in hyderabad

Many people celebrate different occasions with different cakes and we provide you the best cakes to make your occasion perfect.

Every cake is designed for a specific event like for birthday cake's decoration is basically of different colors and for wedding or anniversary cakes decoration should be of white flowers.These cakes are of different sizes, flavors and designs and these features are used according to taste and preference of customers. Cakes are mostly given as desserts to your loved ones or guest.

Cakes are not only for occasions or events you can gift them to your loved ones as a token of love or as a Thanksgiving gift with beautiful flowers to make them feel special.

The season of joy has just arrived so be ready to gift your loved ones a cake and a boutique of beautiful flowers Because the new year has just begun so it the season of love has also started. At Winni, we will help you to make your year more memorable with our best quality flowers and cakes at your doorstep.So, allow us to fulfill your requirements at any time, anywhere with cake and flowers delivery in hyderabad.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas spread love, happiness and gifts every year

Late on Christmas Eve 1914, men of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) heard German troops in the trenches opposite them singing carols and patriotic songs and saw lanterns and small fir trees along their trenches. Messages began to be shouted between the trenches.

The following day, British and German soldiers met in no man's land and exchanged gifts, took photographs and some played impromptu games of football. They also buried casualties and repaired trenches and dugouts. After Boxing Day, meetings in no man's land dwindled out.

After reading a full blog whose few lines mentioned above, I came to know Christmas spread love, happiness, and gifts every year. Many had a reason to celebrate Christmas especially kids as they love Santa & always expect gifts on the Eve of Christmas. Even one of my friend is going to celebrate Christmas with his family and neighbors. Using an E-Commerce portals like you can prefer plum cake delivery at your home or at party place directly. I logged in my LinkedIn account in the morning and had notifications that 2 of my connections had a Birthday today, I wish them, and had a thought that on a day like Christmas when every family member is busy in decorating home we can prefer Birthday cake delivery too!

Happy Christmas 2017-18 

You can order Christmas theme cakes too do have look at few cakes:

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Online portals provides delicious Birthday cake everytime!

There was a time people were running from one store to the other in search of a perfect cake or box of chocolates or teddy bears or anything for that matter is troublesome. If you are not able to find the perfect item can be frustrating. What I am analyzing about the online portal is they don't really believe in wasting their customer time. Online gifting portals have been solving such crises for plenty of years now, bringing smiles to doors as and when needed not just through cakes but also through sweets, teddy bears, flowers and many other gifts. There are many online portals which provide online Birthday Cake Delivery in Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and many other cities of India. Different portals have their own unique way of listing their products.

Every celebration demands a delicious cake

Winni is an online gifting brand that provides cake, flowers, chocolates and other items. With Winni, you can send cakes and flowers to 450+ cities in India. Every celebration demands a delicious cake. Cakes are the center of attraction in every party. There are different varieties of cake that you can order for celebration. For instance, to celebrate the birthday of your kid you can choose kid’s cake and you will be able to get a delicious cake to make the birthday celebration zestier. You can get a delicious Birthday cake delivery in Kolkata, Patna and many others cites of India without any difficulty. Whether you are living in abroad or in India, you can send cake any time without any hassle.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas gifts - choose according to your choice

Exchange of gifts is perhaps one of the most important customs of all during the festivals and Christmas is among one of them. But the most dilemma faced by people is what to Gift? There are situations that people wander from one shop to another in search of the best gift so that their near and dear ones get delighted when they receive the gift. So, you are confused with what to buy for your loved ones on this day? According to me, nothing is better than gifting cake, flowers, chocolates, teddies and sweets. At the house of Winni, you can explore Christmas gifts that one can choose according to their choice. If your sweetheart resides in Pune and you want to send Christmas gift at her doorstep then you can order cake online in Pune for her. Along with cake, you can also order for chocolates, flowers and many more gifting items. Offering gifts can give an absolute face lift to the Christmas celebration.

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas in midnight then you can also go for it. I myself used to celebrate special occasions in midnight as according to me happiness is celebrating occasions in midnight with family, friends and relatives! Cakes are always important celebratory delights which are taken on the center of the table on Christmas. You can buy from the huge variety of cake & send cake to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Agra and many more cities of India. Winni have an elaborate list of toothsome cake flavors such as pineapple, vanilla, black currant, black forest and much more but during Christmas people prefer to order plum cakes.

The freshness and delicious taste of the cake can make any taste buds go crazy. All the cakes are prepared by using the rich quality ingredients. Proper hygiene is maintained while preparing the cake. The Christmas festival is an epitome of celebrations, happiness and enjoyment. It is the festival of charm, dance, prayer and sermons. So, this Christmas don’t forget to get online cake delivery in Hyderabad.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Bunches of Flowers is evergreen Gift

Can you guess for how many days, you simply and gift a bunch of flowers?
Bunch of flowers is evergreen gift according to me, on most of the occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine and for many other days. Fresh flowers always bring positivity and relax our mind too. so today from this blog I would like to give a note on how many days one gift a Bunch of flowers.

On Friends Birthday

During college time many able to do a part-time job only, only few time we can buy expensive gifts, during that time bunches of flowers is the best of many.

On Friendship Day

On friendship day, White/Orange/Red Roses are best buying & gifting item.

On Rose Day

Rose day too, a day when many roses used for gifting purpose, whether you are a rich guy or middle-class guy, many prefer buying a single rose or bunch of roses.

On Valentine Day

I think without saying much, again on valentine day many do gift bunches of flowers or flowers bouquet.

On Anniversary

Do you think your wife is not expecting roses on anniversaries? Many prefer flowers or roses on anniversary too.

Even on any normal day

Even on any normal day for expressing feeling, one can gift Flowers/Roses

How you can get cake delivered in Kolkata!

How people here select best cakes for their kids Birthday!   Kolkata is a place which is famous for football before cricket in INDI...