Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas spread love, happiness and gifts every year

Late on Christmas Eve 1914, men of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) heard German troops in the trenches opposite them singing carols and patriotic songs and saw lanterns and small fir trees along their trenches. Messages began to be shouted between the trenches.

The following day, British and German soldiers met in no man's land and exchanged gifts, took photographs and some played impromptu games of football. They also buried casualties and repaired trenches and dugouts. After Boxing Day, meetings in no man's land dwindled out.

After reading a full blog whose few lines mentioned above, I came to know Christmas spread love, happiness, and gifts every year. Many had a reason to celebrate Christmas especially kids as they love Santa & always expect gifts on the Eve of Christmas. Even one of my friend is going to celebrate Christmas with his family and neighbors. Using an E-Commerce portals like you can prefer plum cake delivery at your home or at party place directly. I logged in my LinkedIn account in the morning and had notifications that 2 of my connections had a Birthday today, I wish them, and had a thought that on a day like Christmas when every family member is busy in decorating home we can prefer Birthday cake delivery too!

Happy Christmas 2017-18 

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